Question mall that drives your research

At ResQue (Researcher‘s “Question Mall”), our “science bridge communicators” with expertise in specific fields will add knowledge that aligns with the theme of the question or issue brought in by researchers, developers, and product planners, shape it into something clearer and more specific, and evolve it into a project.
Our team assists you in accelerating research and development as well as product development by working alongside you from the design of original research to its implementation.

What you can do with ResQue

Experiments and Analyses

We develop a research plan and conduct the research based on your demands such as biological analysis, execution of experiments, chemical synthesis, cultivation tests, and evaluation of components.
It is also possible for research to be contracted on a project basis.
※We also offer a contracted analysis-only service.

Support for Prototyping and Parts Processing

We provide various support per demand through our partnership with super factories in areas such as fabrication of various metals and plastics, painting and surface processing, development of control panels and devices including electric circuit design as well as the development of embedded software, and support in prototyping, manufacturing, and mass production.

Acquisition of Product Evidence

In case it is necessary to acquire scientific evidence for purposes such as the development of a new product, evaluation of an existing product, or product promotion, we develop an experiment system needed for such purposes and obtain the data.

Steps Towards Our Service

1. Inquiry
Contact us via email or phone for questions about your research and development. We will arrange for a web conference or a face-to-face meeting with a science bridge communicator from an appropriate field of expertise to identify what you wish to accomplish.

2. Proposal of Research Plan
Based on the outcome of the meeting, ResQue proposes a draft of a research plan. The plan will be finalized based on additional meetings over the details of the draft.
※An NDA contract can also be concluded prior to the meetings, if necessary.

3. Agreement
Order the project based on the agreed and contracted plan.
※A contract will be developed as needed.

4. Start the Project
The project will be managed based on the plan. If the project is a long-term project, meetings may be held periodically.

Advantages of ResQue: three laboratories that accelerate research

ResQue offers three laboratories in Japan: “Agri Garage” for agricultural production technologies, “Bio Garage” for life sciences and healthcare, and “Eng Garage” for support in prototyping and parts processing. These laboratories will serve as an engine for the development of a research proposal that fits your needs. With support through research experiences of laboratory members, super factories, and cohorts in other startups, our laboratories enable us to develop a project organization that cover phases from ideation to the implementation of R&D that would otherwise be difficult to conduct alone. 
※Additional laboratories are being planned for the future.

Agri Garage
This laboratory conducts research in agricultural production and food processing technologies, and develops equipment.

Bio Garage
This laboratory conducts experiments and analyses in life sciences and healthcare areas.

Eng Garage
This laboratory provides support for prototyping, parts processing, and designing equipment and systems.

Main Services Offered by ResQue

Agri Garage

■Plant Research
・Cultivation research
・Plant culture experiments
・Extraction and purification of plant components

Food Processing Research

・Testing and prototyping with pulverization
・Encapsulation testing and prototyping

Microalgae Research

・Fixed and culture testing
・Genome analysis
・Functionality testing

Agricultural support

・KAKAXI rental service
・Support desk for cultivation research for farmers


Bio Garage

■DNA/RNA analysis

・DNA sequence
・Next-generation sequence
・Epigenome analysis

■Protein analysis

・Protein electrophoresis
・Protein mass analysis
・Comprehensive proteomic analysis
・N-terminal amino acid sequence
・Ultracentrifugal analysis
・Biomarker research

■Microbes and viruses

・Intestinal flora analysis
・Encapsulation of microbes and algae
・Anti-virus and antibacterial activity tests


・Next-generation sequence data analysis
・Microarray data analysis
・Epigenome data analysis
・Support for in-silico drug design


Eng Garage

■Parts Processing

Precision sheet metal working
・Metal production
・Machine working

<Plastics Processing>
・Cutting, bending, welding
・Various molding
・Complex processing and assembly

<Painting and Surface Processing>

Equipment, System Designs, and Prototyping

・Control panel development
・Circuit board assembling
・Mechatronics assembly
・Instrument piping
・CG development

Prototyping Support and Product Development

・IoT products
・Optical devices
・Pressure gauges
・Laboratory instruments
・Lithium-ion batteries
・Development of medical devices